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I think we can all use a good 'warm fuzzy' feeling - so let's talk about how we met our significant others. Was it love at first sight? An 'acquired taste'? Passionate night that led to long term? My husband and I met 13 years ago...and LOATHED each other. I thought he was a nerd and he thought I was a freak. But in a few months, we were unseparable (with the exception of the Navy - can't fight them!). I'd like to hear some of your stories!

How I met my boy :)

Posted By myswtghst on Nov 24, 2008 at 1:01PM

About 5 months ago, after a few months of self-imposed staying at home too much, my friend D dragged me out to karaoke night at our local watering hole, in large part because she wanted me to meet her friend AD. Apparently, AD needed to meet a cute, nice, sane girl to date, and D though we would be a great match.

Unfortunately, once we reached the bar, it became abundantly clear that AD was way more interested in our mutual friend J, and that I found him to be rather annoying. Even so, I let D drag me to AD's birthday party a week or two later. At the party, AD was again paying attention to no one but J...so I made friends with his roommates, including AM, a tall, lanky guy who seemed content to just chill on the patio. (Funny enough, I had met AM before 1-2 times at the bar, but only briefly, and at the time, he had long hair and wore a bandana so you could barely see his eyes - at this point, he'd shaved his head!)

I tried to mingle throughout the night, and be friendly with everyone, but I kept ending up out on the patio with AM. In the end, we spent a good three hours talking about life, beliefs, and everything else you can think of.

A few days later, I get a text from D, asking if she can give AM my phone number - I say sure. Sure enough, within 10 minutes, AM calls. We decide that we're both stuck at home and bored on a Friday night, so I should come over. I head to their apartment, and he takes me on a walk out to a park nearby, where we spend hours playing on the swings and slides, and telling our life stories - the good and the bad. This goes on until he finally works up the courage to ask to kiss me, and I say yes.

The rest is pretty much history...but we're still together now, and I've never been happier in my life.

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Just a glitch...

Posted By ColorMeCute1990 on May 14, 2008 at 1:26AM

It happened four or five years ago. My finance and I were both using AOL as our messenger system. The night it happened I was having a girls night in with one of my friends and I was just getting on to check my email when I noticed something very strange about my messenger. There was an extra name on the list. I clicked on it, curious to see who it was. I was thinking maybe one of my friends had changed their messenger name and had just re-added me to their friends list. It turned out it was no one I knew at all. It was a boy from Pearland, Texas. A place I had never heard of. My friend who had begun hovering over my shoulder told me I should just remove the name and not have a conversation with this boy I didn't know. Normally I would have listened to her, but that night I didn't. I felt drawn to the person I was talking to and once he said hello I couldn't stop. We talked for hours about absolutely nothing. When it was finally going into the wee hours of the morning we said goodnight to each other with promises to be back in touch soon. Soon for us was the next day. We talked on the computer for a long while, then we started in on phone calls, then the visits started happening. We've been together for five years now and I wouldn't trade him for the world. He understands me and I understand him. We are like two pieces of a puzzle that were spread across the living room floor and finally were put together by the one doing the puzzle. I'm not even 18 yet, but I know I truly love him with all of my heart.

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First Chance

Posted By scaredbabygirl on Jan 9, 2008 at 3:04PM

My husband and I were introduced by my cousin; she was dating his best friend and they both thought we should meet. I went to her house to meet him and I did NOT like him at all! I mean not at all!!!!!!!! However, she begged and begged me to meet with him just one more time and I finally agreed. Second time was a charm we have been married now for two years!!!

The love of my life!

Posted By SnL08 on Oct 27, 2007 at 1:16PM

I met the love of my life at a club. I was already in a relationship but i just could not resist the sexy man that approached me and talked to me while looking into my eyes (not my chest). We actually had a whole convo while the music was playing. I gave him my number and a few months later i dumped my loser boyfriend and got w/a real man!!!

How we met :)

Posted By Muirnea on Jul 15, 2007 at 10:05AM

My boyfriend and I love to tell our "how we met" story. It all happened at college. He was a sophomore and I was a freshman. My friends had been going to a salsa dance club (not a downtown club, but a club someone started at the school to teach people how to salsa dance) and they would always come back and talk about how much fun it was etc. etc. So I decided to go try it out. Fast forward a couple weeks, and my "now bf" decides to come try out the salsa dancing club because he is a little depressed from a last relationship ending badly, and one of his friends tells him to come and try salsa dancing with her. So he comes. In the class there are usually not as many guys as girls, so what we would do is the guys would stand in a circle on the inside facing out, and the girls would stand in a circle on the outside facing in toward the guys, and the guys would rotate around so that everyone would have a chance to practice with a real partner. That way everyone got to know everyone else, and there would be breaks in between where they would rest or just change the music or something and in one of those breaks I was with my future bf and we just made small talk, got to know each other a little etc. We ended up practicing for class together in between classes once and so then after the next class (the one after we met) he asked me to come hang out in his room and watch a movie. So we did and we talked till 4 in the morning and it went from there. We have been together a little over 7 months now. :) The funny thing is though, that one day while we were still getting to know each other we were just talking and we realized that we had actually met about a month before we ever met at salsa!!! We realized that we both were at a mutual friends halloween party!! My future bf had come into the room with his friends and had just gone around the room shaking everyone's hands to meet people....well he had shaken my hand and we had said hello politely and never thought a thing about it. LOL!! I'm so glad we met again at salsa because we are very happy now and have so much fun, and it might have never happened if we had only met that once at the party and never talked again. It's funny how you might not even consider a person as a future bf at first, when really if you had just gotten to know then it would have worked out wonderfully!!! :)

How We Met

Posted By Sweet Mia on Apr 12, 2007 at 9:41AM

I have always cherished a good "how we met" story - and, though at this time I am single, I have some really good stories to share: (my favorites are the ones from my travels even if they didn't result in real relationship)

These are the basics, read on for more details:
(1) on a university bus (2) via a 8 hour phone conversation (3) on a train - due to a lost wallet (4) on an awful walking tour in Germany - due to pouring rain (5) In a hostel - due to needing a pot to cook with

**1** (3 year relationship - College Boyfriend)

I met my college boyfriend on our University Shuttle Bus. I happened to be sitting next to a boy that I had been crushing on for a few weeks, and had just discovered that he was in a long term relationship!

So, being surprised (and a little hurt) at the discovery, I promptly made eye contact and smiled at the very cute, very tall guy across the aisle. Turns out we had the same bus stop, and walk in the same direction towards our apartments. We exchange names and a few little tidbits of information (including that I got out of class every day at the same time) but I didn't think much would come out of it.

A mere 2 or 3 days later, I'm walking home from the bus stop, and he pops out of his apartment, and invites me over for dinner. It was a fantastic home-cooked meal and the best first date I've ever had in my life.

**2** (2 year relationship - High School Boyfriend)

During the summer between 8th grade and freshman year of high school, my best friend was at my house, telling me all about this guy who was about to be a senior in high school that she thought was the best thing since sliced bread, and insisted that we call him up. We do so, but she can't seem to manage to hold any sort of conversation, and insists that I get on the phone with her.

This chat, the first time I talked to this guy, lasted for 8 hours. (and let me tell you, I'm really not a phone person!) He became my best friend and "big brother" sort of figure for my freshman year of high school. A year later we recognized our mutual feelings for each other and it developed into a relationship which lasted until graduation.

**3** (Chance encounter while traveling)

Last summer I experienced Europe in the best way possible - 3 months with a backpack and europass. For one of the train rides from Munich to Berlin, I hopped on the train without making a reservation, and worried that they would fine me for doing so. There were not many people in my car, and I feared that no one would be able to speak English (which was rather naive of me since nearly everyone in western Europe seems to speak at least 3 languages fluently)

I asked a young man across the way if he spoke English, and he responded, "Yes! And I'm so glad you said something to me, because I thought you were German, but I really wanted to talk to you!" He was returning to a small town only a few stops away from Munich to retrieve his wallet which was left in a train station restaurant.

After traveling together for about an hour (sharing stories, music, food, and a lot of laughs), we reach his stop and exchange phone numbers, he tells me that he may meet up with me in Berlin instead of returning to his friends - who were on their way to Spain. I wish him luck and watch him go...

Next thing I know, he's jumping back on the train with his wallet in hand and tells me, "It must be fate! Let's go to Berlin!" 4 more hours on the train together and we arrive - where he walks with me to my hostel - which turns out to have only one bed available for the night, and it's in my room - we then go to the fan fest (what they turned their largest park into during the world cup) have some fantastic beer and bratwurst, ride the giant ferris wheel which gives up a bird's eye view of the city, and decide that the next day we would plan to have Thai massages together, have a picnic in the park, and do typical touristy things together. We create a story for ourselves and begin telling strangers that we were engaged, it was an intense couple days together, absolutely a blast! (Unfortunately, he (a Yale graduate(!)) lived in the DC area, while I lived in Texas, the distance resulted in no real chance of a relationship)

**4** (another chance encounter)

Again in Berlin, I decided to go on a 4 hour walking tour, where I noticed 4 very handsome young men hanging out in the back, chatting amongst themselves. I did not foresee any reason to meet them, but lo and behold, amidst our 4 hour walking tour we encounter pouring rain, we all run for cover in a local pub, and while drenched and shivering, one of the 4 ask me if I'd like to join them for a pint - since we were already there at the bar. (I of course accept and discover that they are 2 law students and 2 law graduates from London)

We agree that the tour was a bore and decide to ditch it once it starts up again. After a long chat we decide to go to our respective hostels, change into dry clothes and meet back up a couple hours later (8pm) for dinner and drinks, even though I have a train to catch the next morning - this outing lasted until sunrise.

I missed my train, and find that my hostel does not have any room for the next night. Thus I end up sneaking into their hostel and staying with them for the next 24 hours. I had such a splendid time with these guys, and they've told me that if ever I need a home away from home in England they'd have open doors for me.

**5** (yet another chance encounter)

After an extremely rough day in Nice, France, I decide that I am going to cook myself a nice dinner and spend the evening alone. I purchase the basics for a good pasta dinner (knowing that there is a range in my room) I return to the hostel and discover that there are no pots or pans to be found.

I speak with the manager who informs me that there are two conditions on the pots: 1. you must pay a 20 euro deposit and 2. you must be staying in a private room. I, unfortunately, am staying in a dorm room. A guy sitting at the computer says, "I'm staying in a private room with a friend, we'll get the pots for you"

We do so, and then they invite me to join them to dinner, I tell them that it would defeat the purpose of obtaining the pot, but perhaps I could meet up with them for a glass of wine a bit later. It's agreed.

We meet up again and through lengthy discussion I discover that they are race car drivers (no joke!) They are in France for a race, and they had rented some scooters and ask me if I'd like to go on a ride with them the next day. I accept and we end up riding from Nice to Monaco and back through Nice to Antibes. There is nothing like riding on the back of a scooter at 110 km/h (nearly 70 mph) another incredible experience.


I've met a number of fantastic guys, and have more amazing stories, but I feel I've strayed from the topic of how you met your significant other, since these last three did not result in significant relationships. Hopefully you find them as exciting and entertaining as I have. If you have any thoughts or comments, want to know about any more about my adventures, or if you have any questions - write me! (PS - I think I'll add some photos to this once I figure it out!)

Best Friends

Posted By ishtar on Oct 3, 2006 at 9:09PM

We actually met in college. I was dating this horrible guy that I used to complain about all the time and decided to go shopping at the grocery store with a friend one day. This friend invited another of his friends, who would become a lot more to me. When I first saw him, I thought he was a freak because he dressed weird and counted calories on everything he bought. He thought I was annoying because all I did was complain about my boyfriend. I also thought he was nosy for asking a bunch of questions about my boyfriend so I gave him a little bit of an attitude. After that, our mutual friend told him that he hated my boyfriend and that he should go for me. After that, we didnt see each other for a little bit until one of my friends started going out with him. We all started hanging out more and when I got into a fight with my friend and stopped hanging out with her, he still hung out with me, did hw with me, etc. They broke up and were on and off and I was going out with another person but me and him became best friends. We were completely inseparable and hung out all the time. He helped me through so many things and I was always there to make him laugh. At the end of our senior year, we realized that we really liked each other (after denying it like 1000 times throughout the years). We had so part ways for a bit and had a rough start with the long distance but now we are in the same city again.

good ole Tar-Jay

Posted By boredatwork on Oct 3, 2006 at 3:02PM

This is a cute idea. Here's mine...
My fiance and I met at a Target Photo Lab. He was working behind the counter and I was coming to pick up my pics, in my nasty pajamas no less. I immediately had a feeling when I saw him. I don't know if it was "love" but I knew I HAD to talk to him. We said a few words, but I didn't know how to keep the conversation going so I went about my business and starting heading home. Once again that feeling kicked in and I turned the car around, snuck back into the store (the lab was right in the front and I didn't want him to know I came back just to talk to him). I searched for something, anything to start a conversation. For some weird reason I picked up 2 Snickers bars and checked out. He saw me leaving and said something so I hung around for a bit. I stood there talking to him for 2 hours and we each had a Snickers. Come to find out he never really liked Snickers but he didn't want to make me feel bad. Yadda Yadda Yadda next month we'll be getting married 6 years to the day we met.